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Bridge Hand

9th July 2018, 19:47

Blackburn & Ribble Valley Bridge Club


Have you ever considered playing Bridge?    It is a very sociable card game that you can play in your own home, on the Internet, or in a club like ours at Blackburn Northern.   It is suitable for all ages from 9-90+. So the whole family can learn to play!  Youngsters, in particular ,can pick it up very quickly.  Many people take it up approaching retirement, when it keeps the mind active & provides a new social outlet. It is a card game of logical thinking & ability to cope with simple arithmetic - as long as you can count up to 40, you'll be fine!


Blackburn Bridge Club is running 2 events in the coming months, called “A Taste of Bridge”, where you can come and find out all about the game and decide if it is for you:     The first event will be held at Mellor Village Hall on Wednesday 18th July, 7 - 9.30p.m.    It is free, and there will be refreshments. Members will be demonstrating a few hands of bridge and teaching the basics. You will even get to play a few hands of “Mini-bridge”, which is the starting point for learning this great game.


There will be a further “Taste of bridge” event, held at Blackburn Northern Sports Club, on Saturday, September 1st, 10.45a.m. - 12.30p.m.     Northern is now the new home of Blackburn Bridge Club after we completed a very successful move here in March this year.


If you decide you'd like to learn bridge, the Club is starting a new course of lessons on September 19th, 7 - 9.30p.m. and to beheld weekly (except the second Wednesday of each month) at Mellor Village Hall. The cost will be £7 per lesson, or the discounted rate of £50 for a course of 10 lessons.  We aim to get you playing to a decent standard in a year or less.  The course is run by Judy Brearley, an associate member of the English Bridge Union Teachers Association.   We use two English Bridge Union publications, which pupils will be expected to purchase via Judy, at a discounted price.


For further details, please see www.blackburnbridgecentre.org.uk; or email Judy at judithbrearleyhotmail.com or phone 01257 411256.

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